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Getting Started
Getting Started with AbacusLaw
Make it easy with Practice Management by following this link
Getting Started with Abacus Accounting
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Frequently Asked Questions
Pre-installation Checklist - Read this First!
Please read this checklist before attempting to install Abacus. 
Network Set Up Sample Diagram - Three Workstations
Click on the link to see a sample diagram of a three workstation network. 
Abacus - Hardware requirements
Listed here are the minimum AbacusLaw hardware requirements.    
Correcting a Registration Error
Our licensing registration process requires that there is an internet connection to the Abacus registration server and that the license is only activated on one machine (the server).  If you are receiving a message that references any type of registration problem, please try the following steps to resolve. Call with FONcall™ [phone] Connecting Connected Call failed bug?
Firewalls and Abacus
Abacus and its Advantage Database, Fortress, can be mistakenly identified as an intrusion threat by many firewall and anti-virus programs. If not addressed properly, this may cause the installation to fail or Abacus may not start or run properly.
Migrating to a New Server with Abacus v. 19 - 22
If you are migrating v. 19 (2010) or later to a new server follow the directions detailed here.  
Entering Beginning Balances in Abacus Accounting
There are 3 different types of beginning balances that you would enter into the program: Client, Firm, and Trust. This document will show you how to enter all three in and get your program up and running to begin using the Accounting program.
Correcting Basic Accounting Errors
Note: these steps are for payments to the operating account only. Note II: do NOT post a positive and negative payment together. Note III: the fixes will cause multiple entries for you to clear when reconciling.
Credit Card Setup for X-Charge
Abacus Accounting seamlessly integrates with X-Charge payment processing (Accelerated Payment Technologies) to quickly and easily collect credit card payments or ACH transactions from your clients. Abacus Accounting comes with the X-Charge payment processing module.
Installing the Abacus to Outlook Syncing Tool
Follow these steps to install and configure the Abacus to Outlook syncing tool.